Utica, N.Y. – April 16, 2018 – Utica Boilers is pleased to introduce the addition of two new models, the MAH-165 and MAC-205. Available in both Combi and Space Heating models, these MAC (which stands for Modulating, Artificial-Intelligence, Combi) boilers are an extension of the current MAC product, featuring the artificially intelligent control, or AI Control Technology. With this latest innovation, the boiler automatically sets up during initial startup; has the ability to recognize natural or LP gas; and continuously monitors combustion and adjust gas and air flow to optimize combustion and fuel savings. The control also measures water temperature, flue gas temperature, and pressure that can impact the boiler operation and CO levels. The control will shut down operation should any of these values exceed normal operating levels.

The AI Control automatically modulates the gas input to the burner. During times when the domestic hot water or heating demand is high, the control increases the amount of gas in order to meet the requirement. During times when the load demand is less, the AI Control decreases the gas input to use only the amount of fuel necessary.

AI Modulation saves energy by reducing the amount of gas used. Homeowners can enjoy comfort, energy savings, and lower utility bills! By automatically modulating the gas input to the heating level that is needed, the boiler system operates at optimum efficiency.

The MAC is an Intelligent Condensing approach to residential heat and domestic hot water. Our AI control technology is programmed to recognize the presence of an Indirect Tank.

Utica Boilers H2O Indirect Tanks range from 30 to 115 gallon capacities and feature 316L stainless steel construction and top connections for easy installation!

When in Domestic Hot Water Mode, the new MAC-205 Combi will fire at 205 mbtu/h and provide up to 5 gallons/minute of domestic hot water. The MAH-165 and MAC-205 are both rated at 164 mbtu/h for Central Heating Mode.

The MAC-165 and MAC-205 are provided with Labor Saver™ primary/secondary piping manifold for easy installation. The internal pump serves as primary loop pump.

“Offering these larger sized high efficiency condensing units to the market allows us to deliver what homeowners as well as contractors are looking for” said Joe Langlois, Marketing Manager from ECR International. “These units deliver the most popular heating size, ease of installation as well as the quality that Utica Boilers is well known for.” Both products are featured on the Utica Boilers website and are available where HVAC products are sold.

About Utica Boilers:

Utica Boilers, with headquarters in Utica, NY, has been a trusted supplier of gas and oil-fired boilers for residential and commercial buildings since 1928. The brand is part of ECR International, a manufacturing company that provides heating and cooling products under a family of brand names including: Dunkirk, Utica Boilers, Olsen, Airco, Pennco, RetroAire, Argo and EMI. The company markets its products in the US and Canada.