Condensing Combi Boilers

Your all-in-one solution for residential heat and hot water.
Enjoy the comfort of continuous hot water and all-around space heating of your home in one efficient, space-saving package. With a combi boiler, you don’t need a separate hot water tank. This saves you space in your closet or basement.

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Condensing Gas Boilers

The highest level of energy efficiency can be found in Utica Boilers’ line of condensing gas boilers. What makes them so energy efficient? Advanced engineering in the heat exchanger design, the latest in controls technology and a commitment to being eco-friendly.

Homeowners love these boilers because they save energy and are less harmful to the environment by reducing the amount of gas used, resulting in lower utility bills.

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Gas Boilers

Utica boilers are designed, tested and assembled to ensure that you get the very best in home heating comfort and value. For residential and light commercial applications, Utica Boilers’ full product line has you covered with a dependable boiler for your space heating needs.

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Oil Boilers

The tried and true dependability of our oil boilers is what homeowners have depended on for almost 100 years. Utica Boilers offers the perfect solution for your home heating needs with a smooth installation process and trusted dependability.

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Indirect Hot Water Heaters

A dependable supply of hot water for your home, where and when you need it. Precise temperature control gives you the perfect tuning of hot water delivery at the level that is right for you and your family any time of the day.

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Utica Heating

Dependable heating, at an affordable price. Utica Heating models have been providing cozy comfort to American homes for years with both oil and gas boilers. Pair your boiler with the Utica Heating H20 Glass Lined Indirect Hot Water Heater for a total solution for heating your home or business.

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Electric Boilers

The AT Series Electric Boiler is an 100% efficient, compact wall hung boiler with an advanced microprocessor control and load managing controller. It is ideal for radiant systems, applications requiring special temperature settings and for use as a back-up heat source for solar applications. The AT Series has a proven one piece cast iron heat exchanger backed by a 20 year limited warranty.

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Save energy and lower your utility bills with a control that manages heat settings separately for different zones of your home. Our easy-to-use controls are designed to manage multiple zones to deliver a comfortable, efficient, customized heating system. Pair with a Wi-Fi-connected thermostat for a complete solution.

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Not sure about the size or the type of boiler that you need? Use our product finder. We will match you with the right boiler for your home or business.

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