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Finding someone properly trained and qualified to install and maintain the boiler in your home is important to you and your family.  That’s why Utica Boilers has a network of qualified independent dealers that are familiar with our products and have experience in Utica Boilers installation and maintenance.

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Utica Boilers has been trusted by American families for their home heating needs since 1928.  With a commitment to quality, expertise in engineering and design, and a reputation for exceptional service, Utica Boilers is proud to lead the way in the industry for trust and dependability.

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It’s super compact. The unit is so quiet but my only concern was the water run off, but I muffled that.

Scott StrotherNewark, NJ
Product Reviewed:
Condensing Gas Boiler – MAC/MAH High

Ease of installation and performance would be the two main features I would share. I also like the quiet operation of the unit. I live in CT, and installation occurred on this winters coldest day. The water inlet temperature is very cold this time of year, and but the on demand DHW comes on pretty quickly and fills a tub super hot.

Seweryn BoreckiWest Hartford, CT
Product Reviewed:
Condensing Gas Boiler – MAC/MAH High

Everything is a optional kit – cumbersome installation. I have no time for these games. Condensate kit? Like it’s an option! Every boiler needs one. Venting… Really! I can only use your proprietary venting, what do I do when I’m miles from the whole sale house and someone misses a fitting, oh wait does not matter they don’t even stock it. Now my customer has no heat and its 4 below. I can not install a product that let’s me and my former customer down. You missed the mark 100% on this one!

Mike HoheiselRoyalton, MN
Product Reviewed:
Condensing Gas Boiler – MAC/MAH High