Utica Boilers introduced a new member of their ever-growing boiler family today, except it is not an actual boiler. It’s a seven-foot tall, sunglass wearing, modern boiler affectionately known as “Boilerman.”

“We are excited for Boilerman to take an active role in embracing Utica through outreach initiatives in the community”, said Ron Passafaro, President & CEO of parent company ECR International. “We are the Boilermakers.” “Boilerman will make his first appearance at Boilermaker events including the after-party.”

The Boilermaker Road Race was realized when former Utica Boiler chairman, Earl C. Reed was passionate about celebrating the company’s 50th anniversary in 1978.  Likewise, Ron Passafaro, the current President & CEO, is very passionate particularly about the people of ECR who continue to make Utica boilers today.  The mascot was created as a reminder to this community where the “boiler” in boilermaker came from. Keep an eye out for “Boilerman” at future community events.