HAUPPAGE, N.Y. – Utica Boilers has had a rich history when it comes to the war effort and we strive to make a difference whenever we can in the lives of local veterans. One recent boiler installation allowed not only for Utica Boilers to replace one of our own units that had been installed for over half a century, but to also help a veteran in need along the way. 

Michael Rosati of Hauppauge, New York is a United States Marine Corp Reconnaissance Battalion Veteran, having spent nine years in the Marine-Recon division. In early 2016, Rosati needed help with his home heating system. The Northeast was experiencing a particular tough winter and Rosati’s current boiler, an old Utica BC-3 Oil Fired Hot Water Boiler that had been installed in 1965, was no longer proving efficient enough to heat the home at a relative cost. Rosati was struggling for a solution when a referral from the Veteran’s Association Hospital put him in touch with the Make It Count Foundation.

Formed in 2009, the Make It Count Foundation helps serve the Long Island community of veterans and active military personnel. They pride themselves on creating sustainable change for those who need it most and strive to provide resources for optimal housing, health, and education.

The Make It Count Foundation, working in conjunction with Joe Zito, a manufacturing representative of Edwards, Platt, and Deely, contacted Matthew Thompson and the Gold Star Services team of nearby Hicksville, NY to find a way to bring home heating to the Rosatis. Thompson, the President of Gold Star Services, understands how tough New York winters can be. When he was notified that he could be of help to Rosati and his family, he and his team members welcomed the opportunity to make a meaningful impact.

The Gold Star Service team got right to work, replacing the clunky old BC boiler with the new generation of Utica Boiler’s Oil-Fired units. The 85% efficiency of the BC-4100 that the team installed proved far more efficient than the previous unit, whose efficiency was lagging after so many decades of use. The BC boiler’s dependable cast iron heat exchanger and overall design are sure to last just as long if not longer than the previous Utica boiler, which lasted in the home over 50 years since the house had been originally built. The team completed their work and had the unit up and running on February 20, 2017.

The Rosati family is elated to have a working heating system once again thanks to the dependability and quality of Utica Boilers. Special thanks to Edwards, Platt and Deely. Gold Star Services is one of their longtime contractors in the Long Island area and Zito’s coordination with Gold Star Services and the Make It Count Foundation helped ensure for a smooth installation.

About Utica Boilers:

Utica Boilers, with headquarters in Utica, NY, has been a trusted supplier of gas and oil-fired boilers for residential and commercial buildings since 1928.  The brand is part of ECR International, a manufacturing company that provides heating and cooling products under a family of brand names including: Dunkirk, Utica Boilers, Olsen, Airco, Pennco, RetroAire, Argo and EMI. The company markets its products in the US and Canada.