A new Video Technical Support tool is now available to assist contractors in the field! This powerful new tool called Rescue Lens will enable ECR Technical Support advisors to see in real time exactly what the technician is seeing on the jobsite. Occasionally a technical issue comes along that isn’t identified immediately. Using Rescue Lens can provide our Technical Support advisors valuable information in real time to help resolve the problem.

A Rescue Lens session can only be initiated by ECR Technical Support. The only requirement for the dealer is to have a smartphone with internet access either over cellular data or Wi-Fi (preferred for better signal). To use Rescue Lens requires a one-time App download to their smartphone. ECR will send an invitation to the dealer to join the session that includes a link to download the App (if they haven’t already) along with a unique security code. The dealer enters the security code into their phone and a video and audio link is then established that allows ECR Tech Support to see via the smartphone camera.

Some features of Rescue Lens:

  • Simultaneous Audio & Video link
  • Drawing tool to identify components.
  • Chat function to send technical information
  • Screen capture for future reference (still and video)
  • Frame freeze for ease of viewing

These tools bring ECR Technical Support to the next level!