Multiple Boiler Control (MBC-AMB4BUB)


The Utica Boilers Multiple Boiler Control (MBC) operates up to four boilers and resets the heating system water temperature based on outdoor air temperatures.  Utica boilers are piped in primary/secondary arrangement and the MBC control automatically selects how many boilers are needed to maintain the required heating load.  Selecting multiple boilers maximizes your energy savings and provides backup heating capabilities.


  • Operation of up to Four Boilers
  • LCD Display
  • Push Buttons for Navigating Settings
  • Warm Weather Shutdown (WWSD)
  • Set Back Scheduling
  • Boiler Stage Delay
  • Boiler Rotation
  • Combustion Air or Alarm Control Relay
  • Flow or Combustion Air Proof Delay
  • Energy Management System Compatible (0-10 or 2-10 Vdc)
  • Sensors Included:
    • (1) Outdoor Sensor
    • (2) Water Temperature Sensors

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